Stumble Guys Online is a fun multiplayer party game with multiple challenges. Control your character to compete with the other 32 stumble guys over the world.

About Stumble Guys Game Online

The gameplay

In this game, you have to take control of a stumbling guy to join different challenges with the other 32 players over the world. Specifically, you have to complete three challenges that are selected at random. In the initial round, there will be a map where you have to run to the finish line while evading obstacles. Remember that only 16 guys qualify for the next round. In the second round, you and the 15 remaining players have to participate in a random challenge. Only 8 players who can complete the challenge first will be qualified to move on to the final round. In the final round, you have to fight for the first rank. Only 1 player who can finish the challenge first or survive to the end will get a victory.

The extra round is unlocked whenever you can stay alive for more than 6 minutes in the elimination map. In this round, you must battle with the other 6 players to get a cup.

How to control

  • Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to move.
  • Press SPACEBAR to jump.

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All challenges in Stumble Guys

Race To Finish

This challenge is pretty common in the game. In this challenge, your ultimate objective is to run as fast as possible to reach the finish line. Here are some maps where this challenge takes place and some tips to conquer them.

  • Icy Heights: This map features an icy racetrack that is incredibly slippery. Therefore, it is difficult to control your character to run on this track. You had better control it to slide to the finish line.
  • Tile Falls: In this map, you will see many interconnected yellow tiles. Guide your character to run through them to reach the finish line. Be careful! You need to guess the positions of safe tiles and dangerous tiles. If you step on the safe tile, it will turn green. Contrarily, if you jump on the dangerous tile, it will turn red and start dropping. Try to jump on the next tile as fast as possible before the red tile falls out of the racetrack.
  • Cannon Climb: The racetrack on this map has many giant cannons. These cannons will shoot many big balls. Although these balls won't hurt you, they will make you fall or push you to fall out off the track. For that reason, you should try to evade them at all costs.
  • Pivot Push: In this map, you have to overcome many large pivots and hammers. If you crash into them, you will fall. Therefore, you should make double jumps to jump through the pivots. Besides, attempt to run as fast as possible to dodge the hammers.
  • Jungle Roll: In this map, you have to run on the rotating big trunk and leaf duckweeds. You should need to jump every second, which makes your balance stronger.
  • Lost Temple: This map is an ancient temple that has a structure like a maze. This temple is full of deadly traps and obstacles. Try to jump as high as possible to overcome them and reach the end safely.

Don't Fall

The second challenge in this game is Don't Fall which often appears in Round 2 and Round 3. When joining it, you must try your best to survive to the end. Here is the list of maps of this challenge and some useful strategies to win.

  • Laser Tracer: This map features many lasers that move in sweeping patterns across the field and attack all of the players in a round arena. If you get hit by lasers, you will turn to vapour and be eliminated. When the lesser is about to hit you, utilize the kick emote to dodge it.
  • Block Dash: You and the other players will be teleported to a small, square platform. You can see groups of blocks that move forward you. If you don't can't evade them, you'll fall out of the square platform and lose the game. To avoid them, you need to squeeze through the gaps between the walls. In addition, you also can make double jumps to overcome the short walls.
  • Bombardment: Everyone starts on a small square boat floating in the ocean. A pirate ship goes around the boat and shoots constantly at it. The giant bullets from the cannon in the ship will explode as soon as it falls into the boat. All you have to do is to run around the boat to avoid the bullets. Try to stay alive until the end of the challenge.
  • Honey Drop: The map has many interconnected hexagon tiles. As soon as you step on them, they will turn red and disappear. Control your character to jump or run to the next tile before it disappears.

Team Stages

The final challenge in the game is Team Stages. This challenge allows you to play as a team. Your target is to cooperate with your teammates smoothly and defeat the opposite team in the shortest time. This challenge mainly takes place on two maps.

  • Rocket Rumbles: In this map, you and the other guys are divided into two teams including Blue and Yellow teams. Moreover, each member of the team is armed with a gun. Your mission is to shoot down as many opponents as possible and seize control of the flag posts in the arena. When the allotted time is over, the team who can capture more flag posts will be the winner.
  • Stumble Soccer: You and the other players will join a thrilling soccer match on this map. Coordinate smoothly with your teammates to kick the super big ball into the opposite goal. If you can shoot the ball in the opposite goal successfully, you will score 1 point. Do your best to gain as many points as possible. When time's up, the team who has more points will get a victory.

Additional features in Stumble Guys

A variety of characters

This online version offers many characters with different styles and colours. Some of them look like unknown aliens or monsters and others have appearances like spies or fairy characters. Whatever it is, all of them look so cool and impressive. Furthermore, the characters in the game are divided into 5 kinds including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. If you want to get all characters in the game, you have to earn as many gems and stumble tokens as possible to purchase them in the shop. Besides, you can spin the lucky wheel to get a random character. The final way is to get them from the Stumble Pass. Note that the rarer the character is, the harder it is to get.

Additionally, you can customize them if you want. For example, you can change their colours or add more emotions and animations. These emotions and animations can be unlocked in Stumble Pass.

Stumble Pass

It is an additional feature in this online version. To unlock it, you need to collect enough 30 stars. When clicking on the Stumble Pass button, you will claim a lot of rewards. They are premium characters, taunt animations, gems, and stumble tokens. Try to accumulate more stars to unlock more premium tickets and obtain more rewards.