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Some interesting things about Backrooms

Backrooms is one of the most horror games in the world. Trying hard to escape from the horror maze is your objective in the game. Enjoy your time.

Welcome to the Backrooms game! Backrooms is well-known as an endless maze where consists of randomly generated office rooms and other environments. The smell of the moist carpet, walls with a monochromatic tone of yellow, and buzzing fluorescent lights are the first impressions of players in the game. You take control of a game character who is stuck in this maze. Therefore, your duty is to navigate him to explore every corner of this maze and find a way to escape. On the way of exploring, you will encounter some items which can give you some hints. However, there are some "horror friends" who do not want you to go out of this place. Be careful with them and run when you encounter them.

Features of the game

  • Interesting horror game
  • 3D graphics and horror sound effects will give players the reality feeling
  • Many levels: The Lobby, Habitable Zone, and Pipe Dreams
  • Easy to control

How to play

  • Use the mouse to look around
  • Use arrow keys to move