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Some facts about Hole.io

The gameplay

Join Hole.io to experience an amazing journey with the black hole. Control your hole, and eat everything in your way, including enemies, cars, structures, etc.

You will control the black hole and go across the city to eat everything. If you consume many things you encounter on the road, such as humans or little trees, your hole will expand. You can eat vehicles, tall buildings, and other structures when your hole becomes bigger. Next, you will eliminate many holes that have the same size as your character. Try to increase your size so you can eat as much as you desire.

Additionally, you should take caution with your opponent. They will not be a threat if they are the same size as you. If they are larger than you, though, they might be able to draw you in. Try to avoid deep and large holes to prevent getting devoured. You can also clear the hole that is smaller than you. Consume them to size up.

How to control

Use the left mouse to hold and drag.

Some features of Hole.io

The exciting game modes and maps

You can pick between four different game modes. The Classic and Battle Royal will help you achieve higher rankings if you enjoy fighting and competing with other players. In addition, you can invite your friends to participate in this game in the Teams mode. In this mode, you will battle with your teammates. The Solo Run mode also allows you to play by yourself. You do not compete against others in this mode. Your score will be recorded in the leaderboard section.

There are various appealing maps. You will fight in many different settings on each level, which gives you the experience of a fresh. You do not feel bored when playing. Some interesting maps are City, Medieval, Japan, Pirates, Farms, Cartoon Towns, Western, Military maps, etc.

The skins

Like LOLBeans, there are many skins. You are free to select any style of hole. They come in a variety of hues and shapes. To unlock some of the holes, you must complete a few tasks. Let's join the game and select your black hole to play.