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About Astrodud

The rule

Astrodud is a competitive online game developed by IgnasRCom. Control your astronaut to participate in three rounds and try to be the winner.

If you are a big fan of Stumble Guys, this game is a perfect fit for you. Their playing rules are really similar. In this game, you also can join different challenges with many players from all over the world. There are three rounds you are expected to complete. In the first round, only 5 players are qualified to move on to the next round. In the second round, only 2 players who complete the objective first can step up to the next round. In the final round, you have to compete with the other player to get a cup. Try your best to be the final winner. Three rounds take place on different maps which are selected at random. Here are some common maps in this game.

  • Honeycomb: This map looks like a honeycomb. You start at the top of the honeycomb and have to run around it. Remember that each tile disintegrates after it is touched. Therefore, if you are uncareful, you will fall to the next floor. There are a total of 5 floors. If you fall off 5 floors, you will be eliminated.
  • Lucky tiles: You and the other players are teleported to a large square platform. This platform is made of interconnected square tiles. Your mission is to run around the platform. Note that tiles disappear at intervals. Try not to fall off the platform and survive until the challenge ends.
  • Cannon Isle: This map is a small island which is full of bombs. Your task is to escape from the bombs before they explode. Do your best to be the last survivor on the island.
  • Long Race: The racetrack of this map is extremely long. It has a lot of swipers, giant balls, and moving obstacles. Attempt to evade all dangerous obstacles on the racetrack and cross the finish line first.
  • Survival Of The Wiper: You and the other players are gathered on a giant wiper. The wiper spins constantly and pushes you out of it. You must jump as high as possible to dodge the wiper and stay alive until the end of the challenge.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to move

Press SPACEBAR to jump

Things you can do in Astrodud

Play with your friends

In this game, you get an opportunity to play with not only other players from all over the world but also your friends. You can click on the Create Party button to create a new room. After that, you need to send a link or a party code to your friends. After that, your friends can click on the Join Party button. Then, enter the party code to join your room and play together. Don’t hesitate! Invite your friends to play this game now and have fun. 

Customize your character

Click on the Cosmetics button to customize your character. This game offers hundreds of cool hats, bags and skins. You can get them by unlocking the treasure chests in the shop. Note that the more expensive chest will contain rare skins, bags and hats. Another way is to use the Astro Pass ticket to spin the lucky wheel. It’s an opportunity to test your fortune. Try to get epic hats, bags and skins to customize your character and make your character stand out from other players.