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Egg Wars

Some interesting things about Egg Wars

Egg Wars is an exciting 3D shooting action game. In this game, you will control your egg to destroy your opponent to become the best shooter.

When it comes to gun battles, people often think of cool gunslingers. However, with Egg Wars, you will experience completely new shootings in the shape of eggs. In this world, eggs of different colors are fighting to eliminate each other. You as an egg resident also join this battle. Your task is to find eggs of a different color from yours and give them bullets. The egg team that kills the most enemies will be the winner. In addition, you have to remember that all players in the game are real online players from different places. Therefore, come up with smart tactics to become the best marksman. Finally, after getting the greatest position, let's try to play other interesting games such as Nugget Royale, Vampire Survivors, and Tower Defense.