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Sausage Run

Some fun facts about Sausage Run

The rules

Join Sausage Run to discover a unique race circuit featuring a sausage as the character. Help it run from a dire fate in a kitchen full of dangerous traps.

The character you have to control is a sausage. It will pass through a magical kitchen table with all kinds of traps, such as sharp knives, guillotines, hammers, drills, ovens, sinks, and many other cooking utensils. Your task is to control your character to escape from that place and reach the finish line. You do not need to press any keys. Instead, you will hold the left mouse button to make the Sausage accelerate forward with a head-up position, which will help it avoid obstacles above its head and run fast. through dangerous traps underfoot. The experience of turning into a sausage will bring you memorable moments. You will enjoy a race track you have probably never participated in. In addition, the characters and graphics are also attractive, and you will probably be immersed in this game.

How to control

Hold the left mouse to speed up.

Some game modes of Sausage Run

Survival game mode

In this mode, you have to go through all the deadly traps alone. Obstacles are arranged throughout your race track. Cleverly hold and release the left mouse button to help it overcome obstacles. If you find that you can pass obstacles, hold down the left mouse button until you are safe. Release the left mouse button if you realize that obstacles can kill you. Do not keep going through them.

Race game mode

In this game, you will play with others, which is similar to Fall Beans: Ultimate Knockout. You must outrun others and become the first to reach the finish line. You also use the left mouse button to control it. Try your best.