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Runner Coaster

About the Runner Coaster


Runner Coaster is an amazing water park simulation game. To reach the finish line, you have to control the inflatable donut float with many stickmen.

Join the exciting water slide simulation game in this game. You will help your stickman character sit on the swimming float, go through all the dangerous obstacles, and safely reach the finish line. Everything sounds simple until you actually start the game. Hold down the left mouse button to control the direction of the float. You need to be clever to pass dangerous turns, where you can fall down at any time if you do not change direction in time. Besides, the water slide is not flat. Its terrain fluctuates up and down, making it difficult for you to move. You have to pay attention, otherwise, you will lose and cannot pass the following levels. It is also important to note that there are numerous obstacles on your path. To reach the finish line, you must face dangerous traps. Rolling balls can cause passengers on the float to fall, and the wind rotor blades move and collide with you. In addition, the crossbars obstructing the slide cause you to stumble, which is similar to Fall Beans. All of them are very dangerous, you need to be careful.

Moreover, you will pick up a lot of other passengers along the slide to the finish line, which will help you not to fall quickly.

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Tips to win Runner Coaster

Release the left mouse button to stop

When facing dangerous traps, you can release the left mouse button to make the float stop. As a result, you can observe carefully or wait for the right moment to get over them. You don't have a time limit, so let's take advantage of it.

Dodge the obstacles in time

Facing many barriers in the game is very challenging for you and there also has lots of turns, so you must navigate the inflatable donut float to help passengers to reach the finish line safely.