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Vampire Survivors

Some information about Vampire Survivors

The rules

Vampire Survivors brings a fiery battle between your hero and many vampires. Control your character to defeat all of the opponents and collect power-ups.

Welcome to the super survival game, where you will experience an extremely thrilling and dramatic playing space. In this game, you will face countless bloodthirsty vampires. They seek to cling to you and drain your life force. Let's clean them up on the playground. However, everything is not easy. The number of vampires is increasing gradually. They are widely distributed on the playing field. You need to stay alive until the timer runs out. Use your unique tactics to destroy them all.

Furthermore, you also collect many items when playing. They have the ultimate functions such as attacking horizontally, passing through enemies, adding more gold coins, increasing your experiences, etc. Do not miss any items on the playing field. In addition, you also buy a lot of power-ups to help your character to win. There are 12 power-ups for you to select, including Might, Max Health, Armor, Amount, Cooldown, etc. All of them are expensive. Therefore, you must get many gold coins to purchase them. After finishing all tasks, you can join LOLBeans to continue entertaining.

How to control

Use the left mouse or WASD to play.

Some tricks to destroy enemies in Vampire Survivors

Navigating your character

  • Controller: You should utilize a game controller. You can more precisely control your character with a game controller than with a keyboard or mouse. Moving your character slowly on the gaming controller's joystick will increase your survivability in some circumstances.
  • Keyboard: The WASD keys on your keyboard can be used to maneuver your character. This approach offers fewer movement possibilities than a controller but performs better than a mouse. There are eight different movement directions that are achievable when employing this input technique.
  • Mouse: Your character will move when dragging the mouse or pressing either of the mouse buttons. Although it has a restricted range of motion, the mouse is an effective control tool.

Be unafraid to die

Do not be discouraged by dying. Each death will only make you stronger. Run as far as you can and keep your characters upgraded by purchasing power-ups. You will quickly learn that you can get more adept at the game's mechanics and that your characters will grow more powerful.