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Stickman Party

The mini-games in Stickman Party

Stickman Party is a multiplayer game with many mini-games. Choose your favourite mini-game to play with your friends and attempt to get a victory.

Are you ready to join the game party with stickmen? In this game, can play different mini-games. Each mini-game has distinct features, playing rules and objectives. Here is the list of mini-games that you can participate in.

  • Stickman Run: In this mini-game, you and your friends have to control your stickmen to run as fast as possible to reach the finish line. Be careful with the obstacles such as buzzsaws or giant leaps. If you hit the buzzsaw or fall into the leap, you will be the loser. The last one who can survive to the end will be the winner.
  • Tank Battle: In this mini-game, you have to control your tank to fight against your friends. Try to aim accurately and shoot down your opponent as soon as possible. Don't forget to collect the yellow secret box which contains power-ups like Invincible, Double Gun and Shield. These power-ups will assist you a lot as the game progresses. Therefore, use them wisely.
  • Micro Racing: Play this mini-game to participate in an exciting race. Your task is to control your racing car to go around the racetrack 3 laps. The first one who can complete 3 laps first will be the winner.
  • Soccer: In this mini-game, you get an opportunity to join a special soccer match in which there are only 2 soccer players. Your goal is to kick the ball to the goal of your opponent.
  • Color Challenge: It is a fight for territory. In this fight, you and your friend are teleported into a small square platform. Your task is to go around the platform to mark your territory. Collect the yellow boxes to slow down the running speed of your opponent. However, don't grab the purple box. If you get it, you will lose all territory. For that reason, you had better avoid the purple box at all costs.

All mini-games in this game take place on different maps, which is similar to Fall Beans: Ultimate Knockout. Come on! Choose your favourite mini-game and map and invite your friends to play this game now.

How to control


Player 1:

Press the WAD keys to move

Press an S key to take action

Player 2:

Press the Up, Right and Left Arrow keys to move

Press a Down Arrow key to take action


Click the button on the screen to control the stickmen.