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Just Fall LOL

Interesting information about Just Fall LOL

Game rule

Just Fall LOL is an online multiplayer game with many game modes. Take control of a cute penguin to embark on different challenges with other players.

Like Stumble Guys, this game also offers four challenges that you can join freely. Each challenge has different gameplay and objective. Here they are.

  • Hexagon: In this challenge, you must control your penguin to run around the interconnected hexagon tiles. These tiles will start breaking as soon as you step on them. Therefore you have to run as fast as possible to the following tiles. Try not to fall out of the tiles and be the last man standing until the challenge's end.
  • Just Blocks: In this challenge, you and other players are standing on the small square platform. You can see many cube blocks moving forward you. Your mission is to stand in the gaps between the walls to avoid falling out of the platform. If you fall, you will die. Therefore, you should be careful. You can control the penguin to dive into fractured to break them.
  • Just Jump: The objective in this challenge is fairly similar to the Hexagon challenge. However, in this challenge, there is a giant wiper in the centre of the playing field. It rotates constantly, so you have to control your penguin to jump as high as possible to evade it.
  • Parkour: In this mode, you have to utilize your parkour technique to reach the finish platform safely. Control your penguin to jump from one hexagon platform to another one to reach the finish. Be careful with rotating hexagon tiles. It is easy to fall out of these tiles if you don’t stand steadily. It is a good idea to jump on another quickly right after you jump on the rotating tiles.

No matter which challenge you participate in, your ultimate objective is to get the first rank on the leaderboard. Try your best!

How to control

Use the ASDW keys to move the penguin.

Press Spacebar to jump

Click the right mouse button to dive.

Playable game modes in Just Fall LOL

Casual Mode

If you choose this mode, you have to join a random challenge. The challenges will be chosen randomly by the computer. If you want something surprising and thrilling, play this mode.

Competitive Mode

In this mode, you are allowed to choose one of four challenges and compete with other players over the world. After you select your favourite mode, you are matched with random 8 players. Attempt to get a victory in this challenge. If you get a high rank, you will claim a cup. Try to accumulate enough 40 cups in each level to obtain a surprising reward.

Custom With Friends Mode

If you want to play with your friend, this game mode is the best choice. You can your have to choose this mode and the same challenge at once. If you do that, you and your friends will be teleported into the same room to join the challenge. Try to defeat your friends and get a high rank on the leaderboard.