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Ultimate Knockout Race

Ultimate Knockout Race is a race survival and fights for life between you and 29 other people. You must eliminate all opponents to go to the next level.

You'll try to conquer all obstacles and cross the finish line. You'll have to go past your opponents if you want to keep progressing. Some obstacles are quite difficult, so plan ahead of time. At the conclusion of each level, a few racers will be eliminated. You must win once you reach the last level.

Play multiplayer minigames such as obstacle courses and elimination games for up to 5 rounds. Make it to the end first to become the ultimate champion!


Run, leap, dash, and escape obstacles and traps to race to the end and become the ultimate last man remaining. If you go off the cliff, you will be rendered unconscious! Despite the fact that the first men to cross the finish line qualify, numerous men will fall, be knocked out, and be eliminated, leaving just the greatest men to compete and become the final champion!


Entertaining and charming, easy to learn yet difficult to master

We read all of your comments and reviews to enhance the game, and we update it constantly!

More than 5 distinct sorts of rounds (or mini-games) with challenges to keep you guessing!

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