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Challenge The Runners

Engrossing things in Challenge The Runners


Challenge The Runners helps you to entertain with the race track competition. Control your character, avoid colliding with many obstacles and finish your task.

The track with countless traps is waiting for you. You will be overwhelmed by the extremely eye-catching path with colourful details, and they will attract you at first sight. The main light color makes the whole game like an amusement park. Compete with the others to be one of the first to reach the finish line. Remember that those who come in last will be eliminated from the game. Besides, on the race track, there are many obstacles, including revolving doors, rotating blades, high ramps, long slides, wheels, and so on. They block your way and take a long time to overcome. Try not to be held back too long, or you will be the last to reach the finish line. To start the game, let's select your character. And then if you want to unlock many other characters, you must purchase many diamonds. Fall Race Season 2 also allows you to compete with many others.

How to play

Player 1: Use WASD to control

Player 2: Use the arrow keys to control

Some game modes in Challenge The Runners

1P game mode

In this mode, you will join a lot of other random players. They are rushing forward and abandoning you. Do not give them a chance to overtake you or you will not have any hope of becoming a winner. The track will be more crowded than ever. Can you outrun others or skillfully overcome all the traps?

2P game mode

You will join the game with another person and control characters on the same device. In this mode, there will be only two people competing. The screen will be divided in half to show each character's view. Try to get the win.