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Sumo IO

About Sumo IO


Sumo IO is a sports simulation game with many Sumo wrestlers. The game requests you to control your character to push others out of the playing field.

This game simulates a traditional sport in Japan which is Sumo. Your task in this game is to compete with many other wrestles and make them fall into the water. Everything sounds easy, but you will face a lot of dangers. They can push you down at any time if you do not pay enough attention. Use of strategies flexibly to not be eliminated. You should push your rivals before they do because once you push them, you will become bigger. With a large size, you will have more advantages in the game, you will easily push other opponents. Take advantage of this feature to make the game easier.

Moreover, like Smash Karts, you will get a large number of gold coins for your victory. If you earn many coins, you can change some things for your characters, such as your body, eyes, head, mouth, adornment, gloves, and tail. Try to be the champion and get as many rewards as possible. Can you push your opponent? How many levels will you win?

How to play

Use WASD to move.

Use the mouse to look around.

Some fascinating game modes in Sumo IO

The Classic mode

In the Classic mode, you will compete against other players on a level that frequently features tiny holes and various shapes. If you and your opponents don’t pay attention, you can fall at any time.

The Epic mode

In Epic mode, the playing field will be spherical and devoid of holes. Therefore, the possibility of falling will decrease, but it will be harder to trap your rivals and make them fall down.