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Doomz. IO

Some things about Doomz. IO

The rules

Doomz. IO offers a fiery match among competitors. To survive as long as possible in this game, you must compete against others from around the world.

To survive in this multiplayer survival game, you must battle other players. Place your character where you have nothing, to begin the game. Only the most powerful one will endure by defeating other players. Digging the treasures, constructing a base, and taking the spoils from your enemies will help you survive. Obtain items to help you survive longer and defeat other players worldwide. When you feel strong enough, begin attacking other players. Gather gold to purchase armor and weaponry so you can triumph in style. Plan carefully since, at first. The other players will try their hardest to defeat you when you struggle. Its simple gameplay and straightforward graphics will cause you to become engaged and want more quickly. Share your successes with your pals, or put them to the test for a few turns. Take control of the online scene by moving and gathering simultaneously. In the end, you compete to be the last man who still survives. If you are keen on the game with the high competition, you can also choose Fall Race Season 2.

How to control

WASD keys to move

Space key to gather/attack

Mouse to look around

RMB keys to empty hand

E key to auto attack

Q key to select health potion

1-6 keys or click to select items

I key or Tab key to open inventory/ shop

Enter key to chat

ESC key to close the window.

Some nice features of Doomz. IO

Some items in the shop

There are some outstanding items that you can purchase, such as spikes, stone walls, blockers, shock gates, bear traps, swords, great axes, etc. You can use them to knock your opponent down. Then, you can take their wealth.

The stunning graphics and engaging sound

Like Duckpark.IO, the game also has eye-catching graphics that attract you from the first play. It is also highly addictive that makes you unable to stop. You will have exciting moments with this game. In addition, the sound effects are also perfect. It brings realism to the game.