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Among Cars

Some interesting things about Among Cars

Among Cars is a fun car battle game in which you control an among us character driving a car with the aim of destroying your opponent. Have fun with the game.

It is sure that you are very familiar with the cute among us character. Come to the Among Cars game to participate in car battles with these adorable game characters. Your mission in this game is to drive your car into other cars and destroy them in order to win.

When you first start the game, you will be taken to a section where you can choose your name and design your battle car. There are many different types of battle cars here. As a beginner, you can only design a basic and standard car. To be able to own other cars, you must first earn battle points and then purchase them. Return to the game's menu once you have obtained a battle car and begin the game right away. Your opponents will be basic players like you at first, and then you will face stronger opponents. When your opponent's battle car is broken, you win the battle. As a reward, you will receive a certain number of coins or points. Use them to improve your battle vehicle.

Gameplay features

  • The adorable among us character
  • The gameplay is straightforward and simple to control.
  • Excellent graphics and sound effects
  • Suitable for people of all ages

How to play

To move, follow the instructions or use the arrow keys.