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Retro Bowl

Some interesting things about Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is a fantastic game based on an American football game. In this game, you will compete in an American Rugby tournament to become the champion.

Enter the Retro Bowl right now if you love and are devoted to football. As previously stated, you will take on the role of a rugby player and compete in this game. The Retro Bowl's fundamental rules are similar to those of American rugby. Each of the two competing teams consists of eleven players. The tournament's goal is to score more points than the other players in the allotted time. To win this game, you must have some knowledge of the sport and devise some clever plans and strategies. Just play and you'll find out. If you want to play this kind of sports game, you can try Slope Run and Basketball Legends 2020.

How to play

  • To begin the game, press Space.
  • To move the player, use the arrow keys W, A, D, and S.
  • Throw the ball to your teammates with your left mouse.