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Fall Guys Stupid Run

The mini-games in Fall Guys Stupid Run

Join Fall Guys Stupid Run to compete with many runners over the world! Control your chick to embark on different min-games and try to get the first rank.

In this game, you will transform into a chick which is also the main character of Fall Guys Knockout. Your duty is to participate in different mini-games with the other 5 players worldwide. Each mini-game has a distinct rule. Here is the list of mini-games you can join and their playing rules.

  • Parkour Man: In this mini-game, you must guide your chick to overcome many obstacles and run to the destination. These obstacles won't make you die, but they will slow down your running speed. Therefore, you must control the chick to jump as high as possible to dodge them. Do your best to overtake your rivals and be the first one to cross the destination.
  • Steal Eggs: This mini-game requires you to steal the eggs in the right basket and put them into the left basket. The one who can steal more eggs will be the winner. You can see your rank on the leaderboard on the top left of the screen.
  • Memory Master: In this mini-game, you have to utilize your temporary memory to remember the position of the fruit positions. They are shown for seconds at the start of the game and disappear immediately. When the warning about the chosen fruit appears, you should run to the area which has this fruit symbol. If you stand in the wrong area, you will fall into the water. Try to survive until time's up.

How to control: Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to control the chick

Dominant features of Fall Guys Stupid Run

This game offers a lucky wheel which contains a lot of surprising rewards. You can spin this lucky wheel a time per day for free. Furthermore, the shop sells various cool skins. You can use the coins you earn to purchase your favourite skin. Finally, if you want to know your rank, click on the Leaderboard button on the bottom right of the screen. On the leaderboard, you will see not only your rank but also other players' ranks and scores. What is your rank on this leaderboard?