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Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer

Exciting facts about Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer

The challenges in the game

Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer is a highly addictive game with many levels. Get ready to join different challenges with other players now.

In this game, you must compete with many players worldwide to get the first rank on the leaderboard. If you want to get a high rank, you must participate in different game challenges. Like Stumble Guys, this game also offers many challenges with different gameplay and objective. Here they are

  • Tail Challenge: In this challenge, your character is added with a tail. Your mission is to control your character to run around the playing field. Be careful! The other players will catch your tail to eliminate you from the match. Therefore, you should run as fast as possible to escape them. Of course, you can do the same thing with them. Try your best to survive as long as possible.
  • Fruit Avalanche: The racetrack in this challenge features two big cannons which launch giant fruits. These fruits will roll forward you and make you fall. Therefore, you have to take control of your character to move left or right to evade these giant fruits. Attempt to reach the finish line before time’s up.
  • Bubble Valley: This challenge features revolving doors. These doors rotate constantly. If you go in the opposite direction to the rotating direction of the door, it is difficult for you to cross the finish line soon. Therefore, you had better follow the rotating direction of the door.
  • Dash Door: The gameplay of this challenge is similar to the Race to Finish challenge in Fall Beans. In this challenge, you have to go through multiple doors to get to the finish line. Keep in mind that some of them are fake. If you hit them, you will fall. Therefore, you have to try to guess and find out the real doors. If you hit the real doors, they will be unlocked and you can continue to run to the finish line.
  • Lucky Step: In this challenge, you have to run over many square tiles. Remember that some of them are unsteady. As soon as you step on them, they will crumble and you will fall out of the racetrack. If you fall, you will return to the starting point. Therefore, try to guess accurately and find out real tiles to run over them safely.
  • Spinning Wheel: In this challenge, you and the other players stand on many rotating wheels. On these wheels, there are wipers. Your task is to run and jump to dodge these wipers. Try to survive until the challenge end. If you can do that, you are a champion.

No matter which challenge you play, you will claim a lot of coins and experience points after each challenge.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to move

Press SPACEBAR to jump

More interesting things about Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer

Many characters

The shop in this game sells 29 characters with different characteristics. Some of them sold at different prices. You can use the coins you earned to buy your favourite character. However, some of the characters are only unlocked when you level up. Therefore, you need to accumulate as many experience points as possible to level up and unlock new characters in the shop.

Play with friends

This game allows you to make new friends from many countries over the world. You just need to enter his or her account ID and send the friend request. Besides, you can create a private room and invite your friends to play with you.