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Om Nom Connect Christmas

Some facts about Om Nom Connect Christmas

The principle

Join Om Nom Connect Christmas to clean the playing field. Your mission is to match the same cute monsters or candies to make them disappear.

It is said that the game is so fun and suitable for all people. Like Hex A Mong, the rules of this game are straightforward to follow. Firstly, you will see a grid on the screen with many cute things like candies and little monsters with many shapes and colors. Some clamps, reindeer, and bells are also available in this grid. To clean up this board, you must connect the same shapes. Once you match them successfully, they will disappear. However, connecting these objects and creatures together must follow a rule. If the path between them is blocked, you cannot connect and make them disappear. Then, you will receive the corresponding number of stars. They are your reward for completing the quest. In addition, you need to note that the time to complete the task is limited. You only have 5 minutes to clear them off the playing field. Try to find the same things and connect them.

How to control

The mouse to play.

Some tactics to win in Om Nom Connect Christmas

Use the hint button

This button will suggest similar things that you have not found yet. You can complete tasks faster, thanks to it. However, the number of times it is used is not much, so you need to consider it carefully before using it. In addition, if you are lucky after completing the mission, you can open the chest and extra this power-up.

Use the shuffle button

This button has the effect of making these shapes swap places. After being reshuffled, you can find more similar shapes. However, just like the visor button, you can not use it too often.