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Super Buddy Run

Information about Super Buddy Run

The rule

Super Buddy Run is an amusing game with a brilliant track. The game requests you to control your character, jump over the obstacles, and collect many stars.

The attractive way is waiting for you in the game. You will transform into a cartoon character and start adventuring the forest track. You will run over many terrains in the forest, such as steep slopes, rocks, puddles, deep pits, erupting volcanoes, deserts, and vast snowy mountains. Let's try to overcome all of them. In addition, there are many obstacles, including monsters, shurikens, poison bees, water tanks, etc. You must click the mouse in time to jump and continue the game. It is said that the game very attracts many people who love running games. If you enjoy this game, you can play another similar game which is Fall Beans. Good luck and have fun!

Furthermore, you have to collect as many stars as possible to purchase many other characters. They are very eye-catching. However, the cost of them is expensive, so you do not miss any stars on the road.

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Some tips to win in Super Buddy Run

Double click

Once using double click, your character can jump higher, and then you can overcome a number of dangerous obstacles. However, you should pay attention to the distance because if you do not align the appropriate distance, the possibility of your failure is also very high.

Jump pad

You should take advantage of jump pads that you can see on the track to jump and pass over the holes or tanks. These jump cushions usually appear in front of a wormhole or in front of a giant monster. You will be able to overcome obstacles easily if you use them. Using them will be more effective than using double click because you will not need to align the character's distance one more time.