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Trollface Quest: Horror 1

Some fun facts about Trollface Quest: Horror 1

The gameplay

Trollface Quest: Horror 1 brings some challenging puzzles to train your brain. The game requests you to find a way to scare others or make them die.

Like Fall Beans, many also love this game because of its unique gameplay. In addition, the game also has unique graphics with a horror style. You will experience an exciting play space. Although the Scary Sound can scare you, it is the game's main highlight. Join the game now to experience it.

Your mission is to scare the horror character opposite you. You can surprise them with your real look. Peel off the outer skin to frighten them. In addition, you can also make them angry. They will quickly lose to your intelligence. Finally, when facing evil characters, you can kill them to protect yourself. The game creates tough puzzles to help you train your brain. Your brain has to work hard to find the answer and solve the problem. Each level is a different difficulty level for you to conquer.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

Some important features of Trollface Quest: Horror 1

Some hints for you

At each turn, you will get three hints. They will help you find the fastest solution. If you can not think of any answers, you can use them. You should remember that you only have three hints for the entire game. Please use it reasonably to save hints and use them for higher levels because the higher level you play, the more challenging you face. Try your best to get many points and address puzzles.

Many challenging levels

It can be said that in the game, there are many levels with increasing difficulty. They require you to be agile when exposed to new environments and quickly find out what is out of the ordinary. You will play with many levels of super difficulty, which make you seem unable to find a solution. However, the game will immerse you and draw you in with curious elements.