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Fun Escape 3D

Exciting facts about Fun Escape 3D


Fun Escape 3D can make you fall into the water at any time. Control your character to dodge obstacles on the track and become the first to reach the finish line.

In this game, you will control a prisoner to escape. The track that you run has two others, and they also have the same goal as you. All of you want to escape, but you will suffer a lot of hazardous obstacles, such as moving blocks that prevent you from running and swinging maces that make you fall off the track. Let's try not to lose. In addition, your opponents can take advantage of your negligence to push you into the water. Push them down before they touch you. Run as far as possible to get more points. How far can you go? Can you break your record?

This game will bring new experiences with extremely risky escape scenes. You will get along with the character through actions as well as running steps. This game will help you increase your ability to observe and your sensitive reactions. Play the game now! After winning the running race in this game, you can join other exciting races in Fall Beans.

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Some tips to win in Fun Escape 3D

Push the opponent to fall

As mentioned, you must push your rivals into the water, then you can run without worrying about your opponent. Because they have the same aim, they will find a way to eliminate you from the game.

Avoid the swinging maces

The swinging maces will knock you out if you do not dodge in time. You should stop to observe them and then keep going to avoid losing your life. Moreover, the number of swinging maces will increase. The farther you go, the more obstacles you face. Try your best!