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Geometry Dash Lite

About Geometry Dash Lite

Some nice things about Geometry Dash Lite

Join Geometry Dash Lite to enjoy the thrilling race tracks with a cube character. Control your character to overcome many obstacles and run as far as possible.

It is said that this game is one of the most attractive running games you have played. You will navigate your cute cube character to avoid crashing the obstacles on the track. The obstacles on the track are blocks and thorns. When you hit them, you will lose your life and start again. A progress bar at the top of the screen lets you know the distance you conquered. When the progress bar is full, which means you succeed. You must jump to overcome it. In addition, when faced with many thrones which are lined up, you can double-click the left mouse button to jump farther. You also adjust your position so as not to fall into the obstacles. Let's play the game to check your skill. Can you complete your race track?

How to play

Hold the left mouse to play.

Some fantastic traits of Geometry Dash Lite

Many pleasant soundtracks in the game

In this Geometry Dash Lite game, there are many soundtracks to choose from. You can select them freely. Each soundtrack has a different sound with fantastic tracks. They both will make you immerse in the game and will make the game more interesting. In addition, the background of the playing field will change. As a result, you will not be bored when playing the game. Let's select the mode to play. You can play the Practice mode to practice your skill and then move to the Normal mode to finish the track.

Many types of characters for you to select

There are up to nine different types of characters, including Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, and Robot. Each type has many characters with different colors and designs. They look so beautiful. You can select them without meeting any requirements. In addition, each type of character has its way of moving, so depending on the soundtrack, you can choose the right type of character.