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Trollface Quest: Horror 2

Some things about Trollface Quest: Horror 2

The rules

Trollface Quest: Horror 2 is the Halloween version of the popular game series. You need to make one of the characters burst into laughter to pass the stage.

This game is one of the following episodes of Trollface Quest: Horror 1, both of which have become popular worldwide. The game uses images of famous characters from horror works and urban legends. However, unlike horror games that use massive splash images, the game brings laughter and surprise with humorous animations and simple click gameplay. It can be said that the game uses unique and classic European cartoon 2D graphics. In addition, the game's sound system still has elements of fear and fun, allowing you to enjoy a unique Halloween game.

You have to make one of the scary characters laugh at each level. Please click on an unusual point on the screen to find a way to solve the problem. Once the characters laugh, you can pass the level and continue to experience more difficult levels. In addition, the game also gives you a journey to find particular things in new animations. Like Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer, the game is available on the web and app, and you can enjoy it everywhere and everywhen.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

Some outstanding traits of Trollface Quest: Horror 2

Some hints for you

You will get three hints for each turn. They'll assist you in identifying the quickest fix. You can use them if you run out of ideas for responses. You should remember that only three hints are available for the entire game. Because the challenges increase as you play levels higher, please use them responsibly to save hints and apply them for those levels. Do your best to solve puzzles and get as many points as possible.

Many horror cartoon characters

There are countless scary cartoon characters in the game. They are very diverse and make the game more realistic. In addition, they also match the concept of the Halloween festival that you are looking for.