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Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race

Relevant information about Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race

The playing rule

Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race is an online 3D racing game with many challenges. Drive your car to avoid various obstacles and cross the finish line.

In this game, you have to embark on different challenges to compete with other players over the world, which is similar to Stumble Guys. However, you have to drive your stunt car to race. Do your best to reach the finish line first to become the winner. Here is the list of challenges that you can join.

  • Bouncy Ball: This challenge features big balls which bounce on the racetrack. Be careful! If you bump into the balls, your car will disappear for seconds. This will slow down your speed and create a chance for your opponents to overtake you. For that reason, you had better control your car to evade these balls at all costs.
  • Giant Wiper: In this challenge, you have to drive your car to go through the giant wipers. These wipers rotate constantly and push you to fall off the track. Therefore, you should drive your car to dodge these wipers if you want to reach the finish line soon.
  • Hit Parade: In this challenge, you will see many revolving doors on the racetrack. Actually, it is easy to go through these doors. You just need to drive your car to go ahead.
  • Door Dash: The racetrack in this challenge is filled with real and fake doors. Your mission is to distinguish two kinds of doors and choose the real door to go through. Attempt to get to the finish line in the shortest time.
  • Hexagon Tiles: This challenge requires you to drive your car to go around the interconnected hexagon tiles. These tiles are unsteady. They will start crumbling as soon as your car goes on them. If you stop or slow down, your car will fall down to the next tiles and the game is over. Do your best to survive as long as possible on the tiles and gain a victory.

This game was developed by HiHoy which also created Hex A Mong. It was initially launched in February 2022 and is playable in the web browser. It is accessed on both PC and mobile devices.

How to control

Press WASD keys or ARROW KEYS to move

Press an H key to refresh

Some dominant features of Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race

A variety of cars

This game offers various cars including pickups, SUVs, and sedans. Each car has a distinct design and colour. Moreover, all of them are free, so you can choose them freely at the start of each match. What is your favourite car? Select it and click the Start button to play the game now.

Stunning 3D graphics and catchy music

The graphics are awesome. The obstacles and the cars in this game have different colours, which will bring you an interesting playing experience. Additionally, this game features a third-person perspective which allows you to see possible threats on the racetrack. Finally, the music in this game is really energetic, which boosts your mood while you play the game.