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Bubble Shooter

Some interesting things about Bubble Shooter

Enter Bubble Shooter to enjoy one of the greatest arcade games. In this game, your task is to shoot bubbles to create a group of at least three same bubbles.

Rules of the game

Players shoot given bubbles into the bubble area so that a group of at least three same bubbles is created and then they disappear. After they disappear, you will receive some points. The game is unlimited, so try to clear as many bubbles as possible. Your score will increase after each time you destroy any number of bubbles.

Tips to play

  • The first tip is to start with the rows at the bottom. These rows should be prioritized because they will be the first to cross the finish line. The game is over if you reach this point. As a result, allowing the bottom row to exist is not recommended.
  • The second tip is to shoot bubbles in areas where there are a lot of bubbles of the same color. As a result, you can remove a large number of balls in a single shot. In terms of points, you will also receive more. The higher your score, the more balls you get in one shot.