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Basketball Legends 2020

Some information about Basketball Legends 2020

The game rules

Basketball Legends 2020 offers a basketball match between top players. Try to dunk as many baskets as possible and get a higher score than your opponent.

This is a super attractive sports simulation game. You will be participating in a real match with the character of a professional athlete. For basketball, your task is very simple. You have to use your technique to slam-dunk. The more times you hit the basket, the more points you get. In addition, you also need to prevent your opponent from doing it with your basket. Jump to block the ball, strike the opponent, or do something else to stop them. You will lose if your score is lower than the opponent's score by the end of the match. In this game, you will enjoy a highly competitive match. You need to practice a lot to be able to defeat all your rivals. Try to be more successful. If you love the type of multiplayer game, you also play Fall Beans after completing this game.

How to control

Player 1:

WASD to move/jump.

XZV to slap/throw/dunk.

Player 2:

Arrows to move/jump.

KL = slap/throw/dunk.

Some features of Basketball Legends 2020

Two types of game modes

  • 1 Player: In this game mode, you will play against another opponent controlled by the system. Your opponent is very smart and agile. It knows how to dodge all your attacks and can also block all your dunks. Try your best to compete with it.
  • 2 Player: This game mode allows you to join the game with another person. Both of you will control your character on the same electronic device. Be quick to score points and beat them in every match.

The training match

If you are a beginner, you can choose a training match to practice more. You will be able to practice hand speed, observation, reaction ability, and so on. You will not be under pressure to compete with your competitors. You just need to practice to be able to dunk correctly.