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Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament

Engrossing things about Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament


Enter Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament to become one of the first to reach the line. Your mission is to control your character and complete the required tasks.

You are participating in a risky race track with lots of barriers. In this game, you will transform into a pretty chick. With its numerous others, your chick will start exploring the race track. However, it will encounter a variety of threats along the road. You must control the chick to assist it in jumping over the spinning rollers, revolving doors, rotating blades, high ramps, and long slides. Additionally, there are some levels with substantial barriers. You are also prevented from crossing the finish line by challenging obstructions. To win and cross the finish line safely, you need to use your excellent skills.

There will be multiple race tracks with obstacles of varied sizes and forms on each level, which is similar to Fall Guys Knockout. You will consequently experience a really fantastic track for chicks. Joining this fantastic game with your pals is possible.

How to play

Use the mouse to lock.

Use WASD keys or arrow keys to play.

Space to jump.

Some wonderful features in Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament

The shop in the game

There are lots of adorable characters. Buy them with the money you earn or the candies you get after finishing a task. Each one has a distinctive color and shape that is very eye-catching. There are some characters that are a distinctive look, and if you want to choose, you must reach the required level, including Little Eyes, Green Chick, Chips Cock, Star Cock, Black Face Cock, and other adorable creatures.

The daily tasks in the game

If you log into the game account and complete the quests, you can get huge rewards. For example, if you finish the first-day task, you will receive 100 gold coins, and you can double the candies you have if you complete the second-day task.