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Trollface Quest: Horror 3

Some things about Trollface Quest: Horror 3

The rules

Participate in Trollface Quest: Horror 3 to solve spooky puzzles. You must use your wits and move to the next level to get out of a terrifying circumstance.

This game is the sequel to the funny horror game Trollface Quest: Horror 2 and is the latest instalment in the hilarious point-and-click puzzle game series. You will go through several unique and entertaining activities in the game. Besides, your character will go to many locales and encounter various heroes. However, they will not happen to pass by you by accident. Every episode parodies a famous film. You must properly name each parody and each film's title to complete the game. Pay attention to the little things since they will reveal hints shaping your thought process. Use one of the hints if you are having trouble identifying the scene displayed on the screen. Furthermore, because you only get five hints, let's use them well. Do not get trapped doing the same thing because there is only one correct answer for each level. Once you finish all missions, you can play Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer to continue conquering many challenges.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

Some amazing traits of Trollface Quest: Horror 3

Several scary cartoon creatures

In the game, there are a ton of spooky cartoon characters. They are extremely varied and add to the game's realism. You will no longer feel bored because the character is constantly changing. They will attract you from the first play. If you love this series, you should not miss them.

Graphics and sound

Graphics seem to be breathed new life. You will probably be overwhelmed by its design. The game brings a highly realistic horror space. It gives you a creepy feeling when playing. The gloomy scene and the creepy atmosphere will be the highlight that makes the game different from other games. The sound is also as refined as possible. You will feel every character's movements through the ultimate sound system.