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Short Life

Some information about Short Life

The rules

Short Life is an adventurous and survival game with countless deadly traps. Try to control the character to the finish line without losing your life.

Life is really short if you are not careful in this game. You will probably fail on the very first attempt. In this game, your task is to control the man's character to overcome all the dangerous challenges. Remember that many traps seriously threaten your life. They can even move. Sharp spikes will hurt you. In addition, you must pay attention to hidden traps such as bows and arrows, dumbbells, etc. They can kill you. Besides, some traps can only injure you and break your arm or leg. You can continue if you keep your life.

This game is suitable for adults because it provides excitement. Dangerous traps force you to concentrate hard. You will be immersed in the game immediately. If you love the kind of game that has many challenges, you also play Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer.

How to play

The left and right arrow keys to turn left or right.

The up arrow key to jump or stand up.

The down arrow key to crouch.

P to pause the game.

Some tactics to win the game

  • Crouch low on track with overhead traps. You will avoid a head injury.
  • Do not try to go through the containers or boxes. They will definitely explode as soon as you touch them, so jump over them.
  • Let's raise your character's speed to avoid moving impediments.

Some features of Short Life

Many difficult levels

Like Happy Wheels, there are many levels with increasing difficulty for you to try. The higher the level, the more challenges you face. Perhaps they are the reason why the game becomes so attractive and addictive.

The unlimited playing time

Although there are not many lives on each level, you can try again and again. In addition, the time for you to complete the level is unlimited. You can slowly think of ways to overcome the challenge as long as you can reach the finish line safely.