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Subway Surfers

Some things about Subway Surfers

The playing rule

Subway Surfers offers an exciting race with a mischievous boy. Your task is to control the boy, avoid the barrier on subways, and collect gold coins.

Because of graffiti on the train carriage, Jack was chased by the police and his dog. Please help him escape. The chase takes place extremely intensely, you will be caught if you collide with obstacles and fall. On the subway, you will have to jump to avoid obstacles, dodge the carriages, avoid the running trains and find ways to escape the siege of the police. The game creates top-notch chases and breathtaking races. It gives you a real feeling like you were running away because running speed is pushed up gradually, and obstacles are also increased, which is similar to Fall Beans. You can die by hitting something, not jumping, or not dodging obstacles. In addition, on the way to escape, you will see many items to increase your strength and speed and even gold coins scattered on the tracks. Collect as many coins as you can. You will have the opportunity to use them to buy new characters or upgrade.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play

Some outstanding features in this game

The shop in Subway Surfers

Items include a Jetpack that allows you to fly or a Super Sneaker that lets you jump on a train and on a large barrier. In addition, a Coin Magnet will suck up all the coins on the tracks you pass through, and a 2x Multiplier that double the number of coins you get or points.

The characters in the game

Like Runner Coaster, there are also a lot of characters you can choose to play. This game has 15 characters for you to select. They are Jack, Jutani, Spike, Fresh, Tricky, and ect. Each of them has its distinctive features. You can choose any character that you want. Play all characters to have many experiences.