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Geometry Dash Meltdown

Some things about Geometry Dash Meltdown

The gameplays

Geometry Dash Meltdown is not unfamiliar to many people, thanks to its unique gameplay. Control your character to jump over all obstacles and get many points.

A new version of Geometry Dash Lite is coming back. It offers attractive gameplay and interesting challenges. You will be immersed in a colorful play space with fun sounds. All of them will not let you down, and you will be able to relieve stress. Join the game now to discover new things about this game and compare it to its previous versions.

Your mission is still the same as in previous versions. You need to control your cube character to avoid all obstacles on the track, such as spikes, walls, or dangerous monsters, which is similar to Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer. You use the left mouse button to support your character. Additionally, if you hold the left mouse button, your character can fly up, which is a highlight of this version. You will avoid many obstacles placed side by side. Release your hand so the character can land. Use this new feature sensibly so your character can run as far as possible.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some new features of Geometry Dash Meltdown

The new grounds

In this game, you can visit new grounds to find awesome music. You will discover more new playgrounds and the music is also more engaging. There is a lot of exciting and catchy music waiting for you. The rhythm of the game will also follow the music to change appropriately. Therefore, you will no longer feel bored while playing the game.

The achievements

There are ten great achievements you can make. They will become an excellent motivation for you to complete the game. You may not have seen them in previous versions of this game series. It can be said that obtaining each achievement one by one will help you have the motivation to achieve the following achievements. Play the game and get all the achievements listed in this list. You can make some achievements:

  • Stereo Bump: complete Stereo Madness in Practice mode.
  • Stereo Madness: complete Stereo Madness in Normal mode.
  • On My Way: complete Back On Track in Practice mode.
  • Back On Track: complete Back On Track in Normal mode.