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Shell Shocker

Some fantastic information about Shell Shockers

The gameplay

Participate in Shell Shocker to enjoy a fiery gun battle among cool eggs. Your mission is to counteract others and kill them with modern weapons.

The characters in this first-person shooter game are eggs. You play as a vicious egg that enters the arena, and you will be equipped with a shotgun. Battles with other players from across the world are a characteristic of a real-time game. Let's play the thrilling game and see how well you do and how long you can last. Additionally, you earn more points the more eggs you can shoot. If you have a lot of points, you can join the leaderboard with the highest rank. Play the game to eliminate other players.

Especially after starting the game, you can talk with other players to share amusing tales or swap experiences. This function will help you make more friends. The game will help you have some entertaining hours. Both Astrodud and this game are available on web browsers.

How to control

WASD keys to move.

Left mouse to shoot.

Spacebar to jump.

Shift to aim.

E to change weapons.

R to reload.

Q to launch a grenade.

Some tips to win in Shell Shockers

Take advantage of anything in the game

In this game, you can use the tunnels, boxes, and containers as hiding places. You can easily defeat opponents as a result. If you are being pursued, you should flee or hide to defend your life. If you get to a location with many enemies, you should kill some of them before leaving for a safe area.

Follow your enemies

You can stalk your rivals until they are close enough for a shot. Shoot decisively when you have a good chance to kill someone during a battle. Let's stalk them and approach them gradually if you have not shot yet.