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Jack O Gunner

Some interesting things about Jack O Gunner

Jack O Gunner is a casual action and survival game with a Halloween theme in which you have to try to kill all the skeletons and survive as long as possible.


In the world of the Jack O Gunner game, the skeletons will come to life and attack people on Halloween night. Take your gun in your hand kill all the skeletons, try to survive as long as possible, and win.

To play the game, hole and move the computer mouse to move the character

Features of the game

  • The gameplay is easy to play.
  • Action and survival game with a Halloween theme brings the feeling of excitement and additive.
  • A variety of weapons with different harm levels are available.
  • Collect gold coins to upgrade your skills.
  • The game will be more and more difficult due to the increasing number of skeletons.
  • Players can both move and shoot skeletons at the same time.
  • The character's health status icon is located in the right corner of the screen. Besides, there is a bar that allows you to keep track of how many skeletons you have killed.