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Getting Over It

Some Interesting things about Getting Over It

Enter Getting Over It to play an arcade game with unique and intriguing gameplay. You're attempting to move into the platform with an extendable hammer.

The Getting Over It game features unusual and colorful terrain and a cat wielding a long hammer. The cat is attempting to move away from the platform. Your task is to assist him by using this hammer. It is very simple to play when you only need to use your computer mouse. Let's move your mouse around to find a good spot to put the hammer and lift the cat. It is critical to remember that you must be cautious not only of platform jumping but also of obstacles such as barrels or spikes. Despite the fact that it appears to be a simple task, physics has your back if you don't know how to control them. It is sure that this game can satisfy you, let’s come to Taming io, Sausage Run, Smash Karts, and Stumble Guys Online.

Features of the game

  • The interesting and strange gameplay but quite challenging
  • One player
  • Easy to control