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Fall Race Season 2

Some interesting things about Fall Race Season 2

The playing rule

Fall Race Season 2 is a stunning multiplayer running game with many challenges. Control an imposter to dodge various obstacles and cross the finish line.

This game is inspired by Stumble Guys, so their gameplay is really similar. In this game, you also must participate in three challenges with the other 29 players over the world. However, your character is a cute small imposter with short legs. Your objective is to win 3 rounds to become the champion and get a lot of diamonds. The challenges for three rounds are chosen randomly from the selection of challenges in the game. Here is the list of challenges and their playing rule.

  • Fake Door: In this challenge, you have to take control of your imposter to run as fast as possible to the finish line. Along the path to the finish line, you can see many doors. Some of them are fake. If you hit them, you will fall. The other ones are real. If you crash into them, these doors will be unlocked and you can continue to run. Try to guess and find the real doors to reach the finish line in the shortest time.
  • Moving Walls: The racetrack in this challenge features moving walls. They move from up to down and vice versa. You need to wait for them to move down and run as fast as possible to overcome them.
  • Giant Balls: This challenge features two big cannons which launch constantly giant balls. These balls bounce around the track and make you fall. If you want to get to the finish line quickly, you should control the imposter to move left or right to avoid these balls.
  • Big Hammers: There are many giant hammers on the racetrack in this challenge. They will push you to fall out of the track if you collide with them. Therefore, you had better take control of your character to jump or move left or right to dodge these hammers. Be careful!
  • Spin Fun: In this challenge, you have to avoid many spinning obstacles. Actually, these obstacles won’t make you fall, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Just keep running as fast as possible to be the first one to go through the finish line.

How to control

Press WASD keys or ARROW KEYS to move

Press SPACEBAR to jump

Some distinct features of Fall Race Season 2

Various skins

The shop in this game sells a variety of skins in different colours. Some of them look beautiful while the other ones look really cool. Moreover, they are sold at different prices. Try to earn as many diamonds as possible to buy your favourite skin.

Nice 3D graphics and catchy music

This game has colourful 3D graphics. Each obstacle and imposter in this game have a distinct colour, which will bring you a scintillating playing experience. In addition, the game offers a third-person perspective which allows you to observe all obstacles on the racetrack easily. Finally, the music in this game is really catchy and energetic. This will boost your mood and stimulate you to run faster in the race.