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Flappy Bird

Some things about Flappy Bird

The rules

Flappy Bird is becoming popular with young people because of its simple gameplay. You have to control the bird to overcome as many water pipes as possible.

When immersing in the nice graphics game, you will experience the new mechanics. Navigate the adorable bird to fly over the gap between water pipes. You need to click on the screen to fly. If you want your bird to drop, you can release the mouse. It sounds simple, but you do not know your position exactly. It is difficult for you to control the bird. If you fly too high, you may touch the pipe, then you will lose. On the other hand, if you release it, your bird will fall to the ground. It is said that this is the reason why the game is over. As a result, you need to be careful to pass as many pipes as possible.

Furthermore, your score will correspond to the number of water pipes that you have passed. If you fail many times, do not get bored. The more times you play, the more experience you get, which is similar to Fall Guys Knockout. Let's play the game now and check your points. Break a leg!

How to play

The left mouse to play.

Some strategies for Flappy Bird

Use double click

You must click the left mouse twice quickly and carefully to control the clumsy bird, which will help you get a good score in the game. However, you should also note that double-clicking will sometimes cause your bird to fly too high and not be able to control its height. To prevent the bird from flying too high and colliding with the water pipe, you must modify how hard you press the button.

Catch the game’s rhythm.

The most crucial skill you must acquire is to control the bird's "falling" motion's speed and rhythm. To be the champion, you must learn to click precisely when the bird is descending at the appropriate height for the water pipes. The game ends if you lose concentration or click too soon, which makes the bird soar up and crash into the pipes.