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Snake Game

Some things about Snake Game

The rules

Snake Game offers a new playground with countless colorful snakes. The game requests you to survive as long as possible and eat a lot of apples.

In this game, you have a challenging mission. You must control your snake character to run around the playing field and consume all apples. When you eat the apple, your snake's body will increase. Try your best to help the snake become the longest. Additionally, you also dodge the bombs because they can make you be destroyed.

Moreover, this is a multiplayer game that is similar to Astrodud. So, you will encounter a large number of opponents. They have the same goal as you. You need to run faster and control the character more accurately than them to get almost apples. You will not have any apples left if you are not the fastest. In addition, they will also threaten your life. You will lose instantly if you crash into them. You should avoid them to continue the game. Make an effort to put your name on the leaderboard in the top right corner of the screen. Good luck.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some tricks to destroy enemies in Snake Game

Create a trap for your rivals

When your snake body is long enough, you can create a circle to lock your opponent. They will not be able to get out and are forced to stab you and disappear. Once applying this tactic, you will eliminate many enemies on the playing field and collect many apples.

Avoid some dangerous items on the playground

You can see the items that can defeat you. For example, you have to avoid potions that will make you smaller. Your snake's body will decrease. In addition, hazardous bombs will destroy you instantly. Let's try to dodge them to protect your character.