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Football 3D

Some information about Football 3D

The gameplay

Welcome to Football 3D to experience thrilling matches. Select your favorite national team to start and defeat them by getting as many goals as possible.

You can entertain yourself with this new football game. Choose your favorite team to get started. Many national teams worldwide, such as Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Denmark, etc. You can choose one of them freely.

The game allows you to play as a striker and goalkeeper. You must get more goals than your opponent to win the game. Initially, you will change into a striker. To achieve your goal, you must decide on the best course of action. You should choose perilous postures that prevent your opponent from catching the ball. You will win and continue the game with the other role of the character. Next, you will take the goalkeeper role, and your opponent will take the striker role on the following turn. Make every effort to maintain a clean sheet. As quickly as you can, try to capture the ball by estimating its location. You will receive many goals when you catch the ball successfully. So, let's create many saves to keep clean sheets.

What's more exciting, you can play two game modes to get many fresh experiences. In the PVP mode, you will join the game with another online player. In contrast, you will unlock many levels in the Tournament mode. Try your best to unlock seven challenging levels to finish the game. Then, you can enter Fall Beans: Ultimate Knockout to continue entertaining.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

Some tactics to become the champions in Football 3D

Boost the energy drinks

Increases the amount of incoming energy water to help your character stay in shape when participating in competitions. You can gradually increase the number of energy water drinks after each match.

Navigating the ball in a troublesome trajectory

Do not kick the ball in a straight line into the goal. This will make it easy for your opponent to save. You should use the mouse to create complicated trajectories for the ball to distract the opponent. You will successfully score goals, thanks to this tip.