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Slope Run

Some interesting things about Slope Run

Enter Slope Run to enjoy one of the greatest endless running games. Controlling a ball to dodge gaps and traps so that the ball runs as far as possible.

The game is viewed as a test to evaluate your reflexivity, dexterity, and coordination between your eyes and hands. Through each stage, the ball's speed changes. You will see the speed of your ball moving more quickly when the further ball run. Even though the game appears straightforward, it is quite challenging. However, just stay focused on the game and remember to avoid obstacles, jump over gaps, and go forward straight. In particular, the distribution of vulnerabilities varies at each level. Though level to level, you will own your abilities and strategies to progress. Make an effort to get a high score so that you can join the leaderboard. Are you ready?

Features of Slope Run

  • Beautiful graphic design and energetic sounds
  • Many levels with increasing speed
  • Full-screen mode
  • Easy to control

How to play

Use the arrow keyboards to jump and move.