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8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a fun pool game for everyone. Your goal in the game is to shoot all the balls into the holes. Are you ready to enjoy the game?

The rules of this 8 Ball Pool game are exactly the same as the rules of the real game. On the table, there will be 8 billiard balls numbered from 1 to 8. Your task is to shoot the balls that fall into the holes in the table. On each stroke, the cue ball must touch the lowest-numbered target ball on the table. However, the successful stroke need not be in the order above. To be able to shoot the ball, you will use your computer mouse to aim and shoot. Are you ready to play this pool game?

Features of the game

  • 8 Ball Pool is a pool game which is suitable for all people, especially children.
  • The game is easy to control with a computer mouse like other games such as Geometry Dash Lite, Elastic Man, and Hole.io.
  • One player and nice graphics.