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Adam And Eve Go Xmas

Some information about Adam And Eve Go Xmas

The rules

Adam And Eve Go Xmas brings a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Control Adam to collect the keys to open the gate and all the gift boxes to bring back to Eve.

The character you incarnate in this game is Adam, a primitive man. Adam's wife is Eve. Winter is coming, and Christmas is near, so Adam wants to give gifts to his wife. Therefore, you need to help him collect as many Christmas presents as possible. Then bring them back to Eve, and your score in this game will increase.

However, the mission is not easy. In each turn, you also have three lives. Be careful unless you will lose. You will face a lot of enemies and obstacles. Many gateways are blocking you from getting the gifts. So, you need to find and collect the keys. The color of the key will correspond to the color of the gate. You can find locks in bushes or hidden gods. In addition, you also avoid facing some opponents, such as snakes, traps, and spikes. After finishing all tasks, you can play Astrodud.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some outstanding features of Adam And Eve Go Xmas

Many power-ups to overcome the challenges

In the game, you can collect daggers. Use them to kill snakes or anything that threatens Adam's life. Moreover, there are some switches for you. Turn them to use the elevator or open the door. They will help you to escape and move fast. Good luck!

The unlimited time to play the game

You do not need to worry about how long it will take you to complete the task. You are free to conquer and discover new things in the game. Your time is endless. So come up with a smart strategy to not waste three lives. Try to improve your skill through each turn. Let's join the game now.