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Apple Worm

Some great information about Apple Worm

The gameplay

Apple Worm contains intriguing puzzles that require brains to solve. To eat an apple, change into a worm and lengthen your body to advance through the level.

Crazy puzzles help you to practice your brain. You must consume the apple and pass through the portal. To finish these objectives, you must reach the portal without falling down. The maze comes in various forms with slots that will capture your worms. It might not be feasible to turn or escape the maze, in which case you must restart. You should consider bridging the crack or eating the apple first because it can lengthen the worm's body and make it stuck. However, keep in mind that without eating apples, you will not have long enough to touch the apple. Additionally, there is still another threat that awaits you. You could fall if the worm cannot adhere to any maze surface. To continue the game, pay attention to the rules mentioned above.

You can improve your thinking skills by playing the game. To complete each stage, you must devise flexible strategies. You have the potential to succeed, don't you? I hope you succeed on every level. Furthermore, you can also play Astrodud to continue entertaining.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move.

Some features of Apple Worm

The hard levels in the game

In this game. you must overcome several challenges in the following levels. You must push or move the stone to create the support to touch the portal to pass the level. The more challenges you face, the higher your level. Play the remaining 30 levels of the game to win and prove your smarts.

The leaderboard in the game

Once you finish a level, your ranking on the scoreboard is updated. The leaderboard will display how long it took to finish a level and how many steps you could manipulate the worm through. Those with little time to play at the required level will be ranked highly. The leaderboard is divided into sections for each day, week, month, and total playing time. Make an effort to get a high position on the leaderboard.