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Some exciting facts about Archery

Some rules

Become a professional bowman in Archery to practice your skills. Your mission is to aim closely and hit as many targets as possible to score many points.

This is a very interesting simulation game. You will enter archery and become one of the best athletes. How many points can you get in this game? Join the game now. It can be said that this first-person sports game will bring you exciting experiences. You will transform into an archer and perform a series of archery to score points. It helps you to practice some skills such as concentration, calculation, quick eyes, etc. You will enjoy some interesting game modes with different rules. The highly entertaining game will definitely not let you down. Like Fall Beans: Ultimate Knockout, the game is also available on the web, app, and browsers.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.

Some great game modes in Archery

The story mode

In this game mode, you will pass many levels. The difficulty will increase gradually through each level. You must get many scores to meet the requirements and then, you will move to the following levels. If you cannot score, you must play again to finish the level.

The distance mode

You must hit the target exactly to get points. Each hit will be an extra distance for the next shot. Each failure will decrease the life count. You must try to reach the greatest distance. However, when reaching the maximum distance, you will have a harder time aiming at the target.

The time mode

This mode's requirement is to hit the target as much as possible before the time runs out. When you succeed, you will raise your points and add some time value. Play until you have no more arrows left. Try to become the winner with a high score.