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Bad Ice Cream 2

Some outstanding information about Bad Ice Cream 2

The gameplay

Welcome to Bad Ice Cream 2 to experience the attractive playing field. You have to pick up all fruits to pass the level and avoid colliding with many rivals.

It can be said that this is an upgraded version of Bad Ice Cream. If you love this kind of series, you shouldn't miss it. You will have a better and more unique experience with the game. Let's discover new things in the game.

Like the previous version, you still have to pick up the fruits present on the playing field. However, instead of choosing the fruit that appears on the playing field, you will have to collect the fruits individually. Then the next fruits will appear. You can advance to the next level when you collect all of them. In addition, the number of enemies also increases, and you have to be careful not to be flattened by them. Shoot the ice blocks to prevent your rivals from approaching you. Then, you can break them to continue accumulating fruits. Moreover, you also need to join with another person as this is a two-player game. You can also control both characters, but you will have more difficulty conquering the level.

How to control

Player 1:

Use WASD to move.

Use the Spacebar to shoot/return.

Player 2:

Use the arrow keys to move.

Use Q to shoot/ return.

Some exciting traits of Bad Ice Cream 2

Many types of fruits

The fruits appear on the playing field as a reward for you. You will have to collect each fruit to unlock countless other fruits. Try your best to pick them up and survive to the end. The more fruits you pick up, the more points you get.

The two-player game mode

In the previous version, you could select the two-player mode and will compete with another one. But in this version, you will join the game with another person and support each other to complete the levels. Let's work together to score as many points as possible.