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Ball Racer

Some outstanding information about Ball Racer


Ball Racer gives you a lot of novel experiences with a colorful ball. You must control the ball to overcome the bends, reach the finish line, and collect coins.

This is an entertaining game that is suitable for all ages. You can play the game to express stress. The game will help you dispel fatigue. It can be said that the game has straightforward requirements. Therefore, you can completely understand the rules on the first try. How many levels can you pass? The bends and twists can interfere with you. Join the game now to experience it.

Your task is to navigate the rolling ball to a safe destination. You have to be skillful to pass dangerous turns. If you are not focused, you will lose control. That is one of the reasons why you lose. In addition, you also need to collect as many gold coins as possible. They will help you exchange more beautiful balls. Good luck. Furthermore, if you complete all missions, you can participate in Fall Beans to enjoy and relax. Have fun and good luck.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

Some tactics to become the winner

  • Always be in a state of readiness to be able to turn at any time.
  • Do not go too close to the curb, leading to a fall off the race track.
  • Turn the left or right as soon as you come into contact with the bends to avoid losing control.

Some amusing traits of Ball Racer

Many bends and winding tracks

Facing countless dangerous terrain is a task that you have to overcome. You will meet more in the following levels. Try your best to overcome them and continue to conquer the next level. Moreover, you also apply some tips above to defeat them.

The unlimited playing times

If you lose too many times, do not get discouraged. You will have more experience and lessons for the next turn. You can play many times. As a result, you will quickly pass all levels. You can invite your friends to play the game and compete with them. Let's try to become the champion.