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Some interesting facts about Balloons.io

The gameplay

Balloons.io brings a novel playing field with many balloons. Transform into a balloon to defeat all enemies and collect as many types of coins as possible.

Your character is equipped with a very sharp weapon which is a knife. You have to go around the playing field and destroy your opponents. You have to attack them with your knife to make them explode. If you can not do that, you will fail. Then, you will be killed by your rivals who use many different weapons. Do not give them a chance to harm you. You need to navigate quickly so that the character is always on the attack and does not fall into a dilemma. Also, if you can not kill them, you have to run away quickly. The gameplay is quite similar to Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer, where you have to face a lot of dangerous opponents.

How to control

Use arrow keys to control.

Some tips to win

  • Do not stand in the corners of the playground because you are very easily surrounded. You will not have a chance to survive if you are surrounded by 2 or 3 opponents.
  • Collect more gold coins to get better weapons. As a result, you can clean the others easily.
  • Hole the left mouse to speed up. Once applying this tactic, you can escape your rivals or attack them.

Some features of Balloons.io

Change the weapons automatically

Your weapon will be changed randomly. When you meet a certain amount of coins, the system will help you exchange them for better weapons. Using them will boost your fighting ability. Therefore, you have to collect all the coins you see on the playground.

Customize your character

You can customize your character by changing the character's face. There are a lot of emotions for you to select from, such as smile, cry, happy, sad, hurt, etc. In addition, you also change your character's color to make it more eye-catching.