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Bartender Celeb Mix

All information of Bartender Celeb Mix

Bartender Celeb Mix will allow you to be a bartender, your bar is in danger of bankruptcy, and you must create the most delicious drinks to satisfy customers.

You will change into Miguel, a qualified bartender who works at a five-star restaurant. You have to serve a lot of beverages for picky guests every day. You must satisfy your customers' needs if you want to produce the best drinks for them. You will receive ideas for drinks that your guests will enjoy, then you will rely on your knowledge to make a liquor cocktail. It is challenging because the suggested ingredients have no color, only shape. You have to create worn drinks that customers want based entirely on your experience. If you make a customer satisfied you will get tips and a star rating, if your restaurant's star rating drops to zero then the restaurant will have to close, which means you will be unemployed. Therefore, create the most delicious drinks to satisfy every demanding customer, I believe you will be the most talented bartender.

After selecting each ingredient, click Pour to add it to the drink, shake it, and then click Server to deliver it to the customer. To serve more guests and earn stars for your restaurant, try to unlock as many customers as possible. In addition, bonuses enable you to change the character's attire and accessories, which is similar to Fall Race Season 2.

Some challenges in Bartender Celeb Mix

Make drinks based on a variety of ingredients

Tequila, Casamigos tequila, agave syrup, falernum syrup, prickly pear puree, lime juice, rum, simple syrup, gin, tamarind tea, sweet and sour mix, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, mandarin vodka, vodka, pineapple juice, lime, olive, ice, and pineapple are among the numerous ingredients. You must select four components, including ice, and add a fruit garnish to make a glass of Mystic Marvel. You don't know what's in it. Mystic Marvel is prepared and served in a mirror. Your cocktail's quality will be evaluated in the game. You may read reviews and rankings. Play more times to create different beverages.

Receive customer reviews

In this game, humorous ending scenes depend on your drink's reception. Customers will make interesting expressions after enjoying the drink that you make. It can make them feel amused, comfortable, or addicted. But it can also leave the client with stomach aches, nausea, or other horrible states.