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Battle Royale Classic

Some interesting things about Battle Royale Classic

Come to Battle Royale Classic to experience one of the great battle games. Your goal is to fight to be the only survivor in this game. Break a leg!

When you play Battle Royale Classic, you will play against 2 other players in a military battle. At the beginning of the game, you will have no weapons to defend yourself or fight. Therefore, the best way in this case is to stay away from the opponent and find a weapon for yourself. After you have possessed a great weapon, destroy the enemy. You will have to run, and jump on floating platforms to shoot opponents. Of course, you also need to avoid their bullets. The only survivor is the one who wins the game.

Battle Royale Classic is designed with 2D graphics and interesting gameplay. You will more enjoy this game when you hear the exciting sounds automatically as well as the sound of winning after each kill of an enemy. Are you ready to join yet? Come to show off your strategy and mouse skills.