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Bomb It 4

Some exciting information about Bomb It 4

The gameplay

Bomb It 4 is an amusing arcade game with some cute cartoon characters. Your mission is to collect many items and clean all enemies on the playground.

To start the game, you will choose the game mode, the number of opponents, and your favorite character to join the game. The character that you will transform into in this game is a cute cartoon character. It looks very eye-catching and lovely. Your task in this game is desirable. You need an intelligent strategy to plant bombs on the playing field that cause your opponents to die. The playing field will have tiles, and the bomb will explode within one tile around the bomb. So, after you place the bomb, you have to quickly dodge out of the explosive bomb range to avoid losing your life. In addition, you also need to pay attention because your opponent is also planting bombs and causing you to die. Try to run fast or kill them before they do it to you. If you like competitive games like this, you can join Astrodud.

In addition, you should collect some items such as hearts, gloves, and skates on the playing field. The hearts will help you to survive after the bomb explodes. Next, the gloves are the tool you use to attack your opponents. You also speed up thanks to skates.

How to control

Player 1:

WASD to move.

Spacebar to bomb.

Player 2:

The arrow keys to move.

The Enter key to bomb.

Some interesting game modes in Bomb It 4

1 Player game mode

In this game mode, you will fight with the computer. You can choose the difficulty level before playing as Easy, Medium, or Hard. In addition, the number of opponents you have to face is also adjustable. Finally, the arenas are also very diverse. They will give you new courts and have many different styles for you to choose from.

2 Player game mode

Like the 1 Player game mode, you also set up some things, such as enemies, level, difficulty, and arena. Besides, in this game mode, you will join the game with another, and both of you will control your character on the same device.